Madison Songwriters Guild

Changing the world one musician at a time!


A few years ago, the Madison Songwriters Guild (formerly the Madison Songwriters Group) existed only as a question: What would it take to put Madison, Wisconsin on the Music Industry map? We found an answer in that Madison needed a more cohesive songwriting and performing artist community. On that premise, MSG was founded to provide educational, performance, and networking opportunities for local artists.

By providing a broad range of services and support, and by meeting the needs of both aspiring and established performers, MSG set out to improve the quantity and quality of original live music generated by Madison artists. By all accounts we have been tremendously successful. We host an impressive array of programs each month including our popular Song Critique and Songwriters in the Round series, as well as numerous seminars by national music industry professionals and performance opportunities.

The Madison Songwriters Guild is a nonprofit organization of songwriters, composers, musicians, lyricists, publishers, producers, audio engineers, and other music professionals. Established in 1999, MSG’s mission is to help enrich the regional music community by providing support, education, and performance opportunities to all levels of songwriters and performers.

MSG was established to:
1) Provide a leadership role in the local music community, empowering our members through educational seminars and a network of peers to exchange information.
2) Act as an incubator for developing talent by providing positive environments in which to share new songs and exchange ideas.
3) Foster performance opportunities for both beginning and advanced songwriters in the surrounding region.
4) Raise awareness of the regional music community.