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Songwriter Night – 11/10 @ 6pm

By admin

Songsmith Dave Schindele hosts this special edition Songwriter Night on Thursday, November 10th at 6 pm at 132 East Wilson Street. This is our monthly Water House Foods gig transplanted from Lake Mills for the month of November while they expand to bring the area more live music and delicious food. MSG will head back to Lake Mills in the new year.

John Jacobs and Barry Wayne Callen will share their time and talents on this special songwriter night. Expect some great music and some special guests, and in the meantime, check out Barry’s new CD on CD Baby!

It’s all happening at the Madison Mark Apartments at 132 East Wilson Street. There’s plenty of street parking, so pop into the lobby, punch in 1200 on the keypad and head on up. If you’re a songwriter and would like to share a song or two, bring your instrument and we’ll see you there.

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